38a, Brunswick Street, Teignmouth. TQ14 8AF. (Opposite the back of the General Post Office)

Serenity, now known as Serenity Wellness, is a platform that seeks to serve the community by providing a forum to promote wellness and wholeness of being, in all its forms and disciplines. 

Serenity Wellness lays no claim to have one perspective, or is governed by anyone’s outlook or creed. It simply seeks to provide an opportunity to educate exchange and enlighten. 

Serenity Wellness is based at its current location, but does not see itself limited to that. Other properties will be utilized when demand warrants, and ultimately Serenity Wellness will by osmosis expand into somewhere else, if interest continues. 

We understand that the tide is turning to embrace a more holistic approach to life   People are beginning to realize that they have choices in how they make their way through life, and how they can improve upon their own relationship to themselves and others.  Health and healing are ones of the most growth orientated areas of today’s society. 

We no longer wish to be simply entertained but enlightened, because when we grow so do the others around us, and we create more opportunity to make lasting adjustments to our lives and the community as a whole.   

Serenity Wellness is open to all peoples, faiths and persuasions.  The change we wish to see begins first with us.

For appointments call 07794343693